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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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, unless i repeal the affordable care act. yesterday, that is not going to happen. that debate continues, he will not be just government workers feeling the pain of they shut down it could include family members of firefighters. the capital with a look at that part of the story. this event honors firefighters killed in the line of duty. the problem is the event is being held at a facility deemed nonessential by the federal government. organizers are scrambling. maryland, every year we honor firefighters lost in the line of duty. hedrick remembers that day. >> i got to hear his name in front of the nation.
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>> she lost her son in 1992. he died while searching for a house fire. she says it is inconceivable the event might not be the same. the lamoriello is planned for next weekend at the national fire academy. is planned for next week at the national fire ceremony. shutdown means they would not have access to the national memorial, which is at the site not considered an essential facility. this person heads the foreign firefighters foundation and tells us they are scrambling to make alternate plans. 81 familiesecting from around the country. >> part of the surfaces to give them some healing that would be their one and only time to see the national memorial where their loved one's name is going to be placed on a plaque. >> the plan is to take the plaque off campus so families
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can see it. but they will not see the plaque and its final resting place, the monument. >> the government may shut down but if you call 911, that firefighter will come and help you. no matter what. 81 families and 1000 volunteers are expected of the event. organizers will be watching closely to see what happens on capitol hill. now with the clock kicking, a look at where the political showdown stands with another showdown looming, just around the corner. have managed to stick around for much of the day. but the weekend is shaping up to be picture-perfect. steve rudin has a look at the forecast. >> nice weather on the way. something we could use, a little bit of rain. anytime soon.hat
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take a look at our camera from washington high school, looking toward the courthouse. the clouds beginning to break apart. cloudy skies for a good part of the day, keeping her temperatures down. satellite and radar, the heaviest of clouds west of d.c. began into breakup. to temperatures range from 68 at dulles, 70 gaithersburg, 72 in fredericksburg. maryland is in the 60's. we movethe forecast as through the overnight. temperatures will slowly fall, eventually the 50's. even some 40's in the mountains. what to expect for the next seven days, a few minutes. >> well days after the shooting at the navy yard, we are getting a look at what is being done for the thousands of people who lived through the nightmare, forced to save their lives from a crazed gunman.
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brad bell has more on this story. known hundreds of people witnessed the carnage inside the building firsthand. hundreds of people knew the victims personally. we heard stories of people who can't sleep. they don't want to return to work. the navy is saying they have a place to turn. james slater is among thousands of workers seeking counseling after the september 16 shooting. >> hearing shots fired, sheltering in place, it was a relief for me to be able to talk to a professional. we were invited aboard the navy yard today to highlight an array of services available. this person says the shooting left many shaken. >> we are spending time and effort to make sure we are
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taking care of those employees or anybody that might have been impacted. we are dedicated to continue that effort as long as it takes. >> in this room, a rapid response team coordinates its efforts to comfort. >> most people will experience initial shock and horror, sadness, anger. but most people get better. and for civilian workers. there is even a team of therapy dogs on hand. people who have had some can fact the services. he says it helps. >> i walked in. i walked out half an hour later. i felt better. >> one disturbing thing we heard yard,was that on the navy when the fbi released the video,
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there was a lot of anger on the navy yard. actually, the counselors were called into a number of officers to come back and talk to the people again because they said saying that video was like reopening the wound. officials today, honored those who ran toward the gunfire to help the victims. among those were some of the six paramedics who went inside the building in search of the alms and new recruits among the scene. each was rewarded a medal of excellence. hollywoodt out of a movie, thieves cutting away through a roof into a jewelry store and into the vault inside. the entire thing was caught on surveillance video in oxon hill. more of the video and the reaction to what happened. life imitating art in this case. >> even police are saying the same thing.
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this is the roof of that story .hat the thieves cut through police say once they got there, they knew where to go. they had marked the spot in advance with an xp or -- an x. spot, in the exact right surveillance video shows them descending into a back room in oxon hill. >> they cut the wires for the alarm. >> this detective says the suspects had planned every last detail. we have covered plenty of robberies in the past but he says this one was way more sophisticated. he has never seen anything like it. >> they have gloves on, all black. number ofwer a supplies, including gas tanks for a blowtorch and then they get to work. this video shows where they cut through concrete to get into the back of the safe.
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police say they got half $1 million worth of jewelry inside. they still every piece from the trace. >> that is crazy. oceans 11 on people. >> she says she hopes the community rallies around the owners. >> i want to support them. >> the owner did not want to the on camera but he says burglary has devastated them. they are battling for insurance money. police hope that by releasing the video they will get the tips they need to bring the family justice. >> 25 years to get the business going. gone in a matter of two hours. >> on the other side of that fence is the capital beltway and where i am standing is the back of the river town shopping center. in maytually happened but police say they are releasing the video now in the hopes someone can give them the tip they need to solve the case and make an arrest.
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roussey, abc 7 news. >> we have more footage for you now, please are hoping this picture will capture this thief. police say the man seen here wearing hospital scrubs robbed a bank yesterday. it happened around 11:30. seen fleeing the scene in a gold suv. if you recognize him, police are asking you give them a call. >> coming up, a crime spree has a neighborhood on edge after a half-dozen people are attacked by men. >> apostate giant is in hot water after his chairman's comments on same-sex couples. >>: amerco. -- call it a miracle. we speak with this ever grateful parent on abc 7 news. become heroes after
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a man falls on the subway tracks.
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>> take a look, a man tumbles on the subway tracks in boston and a trio jumps down and listen to safety. .he man seemed to walk off he told police he had two drinks after he was celebrating passing the medical board. he was waiting for a train home and that is all he remembers. he was taken to the hospital with a head injury. two drinks. >> how big were they? >> i am the same. >> a big gulp? nothing short of a miracle. a 20-month-old child falls out of a bedroom, does not even have a scratch. >> abc 7 was the only station there, fearing for the worst. kevin lewis a sport -- spoke with the parents today. he has a remarkable tale.
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>> sure is remarkable. every parent ranges at the thought of their child being injured. that is what paramedics thought they would be up against. third floor, left window. a young child, 25 feet to the hard soil. by looking at him today, you would never know it happened. it is funny how life can alter perspective. take this family who smiled at the pitch of pouting. can be here today crying like this. >> thursday evening, paramedics a medicalon into helicopter, bound for children's hospital. he had climbed into a crib, plummeted out this third floor window, not a single shrub or tree limb to break his fall.
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neighbors, who assumed the worst , now left to marvel at his resilience. his dad says it was a fall to grace. >> i'm so happy. >> apartment management said the window is working to find them a ground-floor unit. friday afternoon, jason left were his pediatrician who gave him a clean bill of health. 100% unscathed. >> it is a blessing. that is the only way you can describe something like this. a fall from that height. it is a blessing. >> fire officials say the fall should make parents more aware about window safety. we have tips on her website, .evin lewis, abc 7 news
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>> a blessing in disguise. keep cribbs away from windows. what a s face. they will be talking about this. way to go. >> talk to us about the weather. we finally had some clouds. >> still no rain. we need it around here. the grass in the leaves are beginning to fall. it is drying up. that beautiful fall color change her look forward to, i think if we keep this trend going, it is not going to be so pretty. now, thee go right clouds finally beginning to break apart. as we go through the early evening hours, the sun will set before 7:00. we lose about two minutes of daylight from this point forward until the 20th of december. 74 degrees, the dew point level
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still very comfortable. if your nose is stuffy, maybe it is because of the pollen and the rain. otherwise, grass, mold, no problem unless you have issues with elm trees. they are in the moderate range. degrees, they had a high a couple of degrees warmer than that. the wind at three miles an hour. chantilly at 67 degrees. university,ngton now 73 degrees, no rain to speak of and nine anytime soon. temperatures are cooling, going to drop into the 60's. quantico road now 70. lexington park, across the bay to eastern, 72 degrees. temperatures are warmer, just off to the west of us, mid 80's. pressureon why, high-
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giving us the easterly flow, keeping our temperatures dan. that is where the warmer areas located. we will see warmer temperatures as soon as wednesday and thursday of next week. hovering around 80 degrees. it is quiet and drive. here is the cloud cover for the day today. in newessure in control york state, a lot of sunshine there. for us, our clouds begin to break apart. this is our computer model. i think it overestimates the cloud cover. i'm going with the 70's. the same on sunday. and then a little bit cooler on monday. i will have a warm up next week. here is the forecast, skies will turn partly cloudy. 65-72.
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moving through the overnight hours, 40's to the west. to appear 50's in the district. the wind out of the northeast, three to eight miles an hour. the weekend, after your activities, no problems at all. cloudy and comfortable on saturday. partly cloudy on sunday. temperatures in the 70's. seven days, 79, 80, there you have it. anduesday, wednesday, thursday, a nice warm-up. these temperatures are a couple of degrees cooler. >> beautiful. we will take it. a story that shocked the nation. an in-depth look at the man who gave his girlfriend medication to force a miscarriage telling her it was vitamins.
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tonight at 10:00 right after and on the "shark tank" and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> much more just ahead. we have a great weekend but it could be ruined by traffic. the best time to drive that bay bridge. facean who came face-to- with attackers armed with stun guns. serious backlash after guns. serious backlash after a ch
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> exxon is opening up employee benefits to same-sex couples. they will be eligible for all of available to heterosexual couples. exxon is defending itself against a discrimination lawsuit was the company contends waiting similar action by the government. leftpasta maker has millions boiling over for his stance on same-sex couples. >> he said he would never use a same-sex couple in his advertisements. the fallout tonight from marcy gonzalez. pasta from the blue box so many american homes.
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of barilla chairman is in hot water, serving up some controversy. he says the backbone of one of the best-known pasta companies is its family image. which he defines as a husband, wife, and children, telling an italian radio station his company would not feature same- sex families saying that if gay customers don't like it, they can eat someone else's pasta. >> one has to wonder what the ceo was thinking. >> twitter lit up. started trending worldwide and there is a petition to get one supermarket off its take barilla shelves. >> this is saying families are other families. >> the chairman set i apologize
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if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding or if they hurt someone sensitivity. i simply wish to to underline the central role the women place within the family. an attempted apology some feel only added to the insult. -- commonsidence condescended to so many people. it is not going to cut it. >> what they really want is for the chairman to learn from this, to sit down and talk with gay and lesbian families. they have extended the invitation but have not heard back. scientists say they have evidence on the cause of climate change and how the weather could but part of our area underwater. >> and they were veteran and more than 100 employees. but only after losing an arm in combat. the victims are stunned into submission with a stun gun.
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then they are beaten and robbed.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news on your side. >> two men attacked with a stun gun before being beaten and robbed at an point. >> their case is part of a crime spree in northwest washington. they have all happened between convention center. police have launched a manhunt. jennifer is with us. jennifer. >> obviously police are concerned about these cases. the corner ofat 9th street and m street, the convention behind me. the suspects have no regard for their victims. first they are shocked into submission and then they are robbed.
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if the stun gun was not enough, here are two of their stories. >> they take the stun gun and they hit you in the head. >> this father was suddenly attacked early tuesday morning by two men armed with a stun gun. you?id the hit t then, with a gun pointed at his head -- you are scared? >> very. $300. >> they took $300? >> he was not alone. he was one of four victims during the 48 hours along m street between ninth and 14th. the first violent crime was monday at 2 a.m. this restaurant worker said i was scared when they take out the gun. in his case, three men attacked him and his cousin. first they hit him in his neck.
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he fell. he kicked him hard. whatys he does not know happens to his cousin but his cousin passed out and is in the hospital. the man put a hand gun to his chin. still $800 he planned to wire to his family in mexico. the money is gone and everyone is on high alert. >> defenseless. of thear as descriptions suspect, because all of our werems were shocked, they incoherent and unable to give detailed descriptions. allmain point is they were armed, guns, and a knife. as far as the time, we are told 2 a.m., 4:30 p.m., 5 a.m..
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if you have information, call d.c. police. want to get a look at the other top stories, police are stepping up efforts to find the man behind a series of break- ins. police say a man broke into three apartments in the courthouse neighborhood. women awoke to him standing in suspectdroom and the robbed a sleeping woman's arm. >> the battle continues between republicans and democrats over legislation to prevent a shutdown. the senate measure to keep the government running through november 15 however john boehner says the house will not accept a bill that does not take away money from obamacare. >> police are investigating a jewelry heist. the entire incident was caught on video in may in oxon hill. sounds like something out of a movie. went into theives
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vault and stole jewelry. >> government officials in kenya say its military forces cause the collapse of the westgate mall after a siege. this ahead of the release of an forensic investigation. the report raises the possibility the military may have killed hostages in the rescue attempt. 67 people are confirmed dead. an undisclosed number of people are buried in the rubble. for drivers who take the chesapeake bay bridge. traffic will be heavier than normal this week and. right now it is good but heads- up because there is a nascar race in delaware and a wine festival in ocean city. can try to avoid the crunch by leaving after 10:00 tonight or before 7:00 tomorrow morning. let's see how the rest of the roads are looking right now.
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>> are clear for a friday afternoon. it is not too bad right now. we are looking at on river road. -- on an accident on river road. that is about it for now. we do have some volume on interstate 95. traffic is slow. line, let's take a look at some maps. traffic on the interlinked, ring bells, very heavy -- intergroup, beltway, slow the from the toll road to the american legion bridge. northbound has a broken down car near 212. from the beltway, that is the way it looks. >> for those that do not want to
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sit in traffic in montgomery county, good news. opening a new program. county leaders launched the first installment across the country today. it started in the district where it has recorded more than 4 and already spread to arlington and alexandria. >> coming up, days away from a deadline on the health care overhaul. a lot of small businesses are stressed out, but not for the reasons you may think. >> efforts to help veterans to protect their comrades in building her own business. >> and a movie based on the sniper attack opens in our region today. why some
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>> amputees got some tips from a gold medalist. today to showvent amputees ways to keep fit. he also teamed up to talk about the new technology available. >> they are looking good out
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there. honor to tellute the story of those overcoming the odds, particularly the working women in the area. >> after dozens of stories over the years, tonight you are going to hear from one of the most inspiring, honorable, and impressive women we have ever met. army captain, here is alison starling. >> she was an outstanding basketball player on a scholarship. after graduation, she had multiple deployments that her life changed in 2004 on a routine patrol mission in iraq. her vehicle was ambushed by insurgents and hit by a grenade. she woke up at walter reed. >> i remember looking to my right side and seeing a bandage where my arm used to be. i thought my life was over. with an uphill battle to recover, she slipped into a dark place.
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until she saw the other wounded warriors at walter reed tackle their therapy. lett was the perspective to cap, it is not about what i lost, it is about what they have. >> a congressman offered an internship to help her. she used that experience to start her own company in 2006 to help get better services and technology to troops on the ground. 130 employees, more than half of them veterans. 10% are wounded warriors. >> they see the big picture. a want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. >> she has accomplished much but sometimes she is still celebrating the small victories. >> putting on pantyhose, men don't have to worry about that but they are lucky they don't. try putting them on with one arm. that.i can do
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>> she also allows herself moments of reflection. sad, kind of nostalgic. i will never be able to feel the feeling of shooting a ball the way i used to. those are the types of things i definitely miss. there are bigger problems to have. wife is about resilience. is about resilience. >> she said she tried a prostatic and it did not work for her. nine years later she gets phantom limb pain. she hopes to one day have a family and experience motherhood. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> remarkable. unbelievable. good for her. >> that is amazing. next, the latest car technology. >> which one can really help you avoid a crash? >> how much our small business
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owners sweating the health care deadline?
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>> for weeks we have been hearing debate about obamacare. >> we are looking ahead to a major deadline for small businesses. kimberly suiters joins us. deadlines can make your hands sweat. we know that. 1, open enrollment in the health insurance marketplace. any small business owners tell us they are not sure they are ready but they are hopeful. chiropractor to the car shop, small businesses. >> it is going to happen. it does not matter how much i worry. >> worlds apart on the new law. >> confusion. nervousness. it is a family business. she handles the paperwork. we have been hesitant and worried. i don't want to have to rotate my business around health
5:46 pm
insurance. >> a nonprofit advocacy group small business majority says you might want to. >> for the first time in a long time, there is an opportunity to transform how small businesses purchase health care. can get the same benefits big businesses have. >> is mrs. with fewer than 50 pay 18% more than corporations. fewer than 50with employees paid 50% -- 18% more than corporations. the hopeless with more required to pay in, the less you will have to pay. >> something better we can help them. we are in limbo. >> it is the uncertainty that does not sit well. >> people are afraid of change. >> don't make my job harder. is usingbusiness owner an insurance broker to sort through their options. health spells it out.
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on top of deciphering the new law, the majority is circulating a letter to shut to congress right now, arguing the tournament -- 28 million small business owners can't handle the insecurity. is the sound drivers do not want to hear. passengers, either. fortunately the highway safety says systems in new cars aimed at mitigating crashes are keeping drivers safer. it is called collision avoidance technology. officials say it reduces crashes by about seven percent. new cars areof being sold with the system on board. have two cameras. they see there is a vehicle in front of you. as you get closer, it starts to put on the brakes.
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it can keep you stopped. >> the top performers are the legacy and outback. .he mercedes-benz i think it was developed after seeing the drive. other driver's thank you. is coming upwhat tonight at 6:00. >> lorraine bunyan has a look ahead. >> we are going to continue our coverage of the latest in the battle to prevent a government shutdown. we will have the president's message to congress as we get closer to the deadline. based on the d.c. sniper shootings has hit the local theaters. ordeal, time after this residents tell us what they think of a movie about it. that and more it when i join you at 6:00. >> i think it will be interesting to here people split on that. see something in the sky
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other than blue. >> and the clouds, finally they are breaking apart. later oning skies tonight as our temperatures fall into the 50's and into the 40's. a beautiful evening ahead if you have outdoor plans or maybe going for a run. no problems at all. 60's at dulles. 60's right now in gaithersburg. 71 in fredericksburg. looking at her futurecast, clouds are going to continue to dissipate. we will see some added clouds tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will rebound into the 70 plus, the same on sunday and maybe a little bit cooler as we move into monday. after that we will warm things up again. partly cloudy, 65, that will be the temperature range.
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the sunset at 6:58. upper 40's, 50's. mild temperatures inside the beltway. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine. you will see some passing clouds. highs approaching 75 degrees and the weekend looks fantastic. 76 on sunday. inn though we have clouds the seven-day, something else is missing. no rain. not for the next 5-70 days. we could use some rain around here. the weekend looks beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> mr. sensitivity. how are you feeling? >> the way you make me feel. nothing more than feelings. a lot of great songs. -- singing about feelings. redskins layers have a lot of
5:51 pm
healing. most of them are not good feelings. we in the media are famous for asking, how do you feel? them areow some of feeling as they go to oakland. >> you get some anger in your stomach and you do everything you can. it is not something, no one is happy around here. feelings except, how do you feel? does not change the reality of the situations. i feel like i'm going to be the raiders. >> good answer. that is what we wanted to hear. tiger woods had a successful 2013. so successful he has been voted pga player of the year. the 11th time in his career he has won the award. the third time without winning a
5:52 pm
major. he ended the season as the number one player. wnba, the most interesting technical foul you will ever see. minnesota, watch at the top of your screen. they get in each other's face. the referee steps in. watch this. they have known each other since they were 11. what did i do? technical foul. that is what you did. what happens when you kiss the ice? he suited up in hockey gear. and all-star game. not much of a skater. came up looking like a hockey player. >> oh, man.
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all stations come over t to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked.
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terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as ou governor. i'm terry mcaulie, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> the earth is getting warmer and mankind is responsible. that is the result of a new look at climate change. >> and the has predictions about the impact rising sea levels could have. kris van cleave has the story tonight. theegardless of what world's response is, we will feel the effects for decades. already there are some high tides coming over the seawall and flooding the parking lot. looking down the line, the effects could be a life changer. an almost perfect fall day for a crab feast on the water. on southernaised maryland water. we love the water. >> a time may come when that same water, fueled by climate change, threatens the marina and restaurant.
5:57 pm
tide canays, some affect us. >> a new report today from the leading scientists called human activity the dominant cause of climate change and claims the oceans have taken the brunt of the warming effects. as the oceans warm, the ice caps melt and the water levels rise. anotherould serve as wake-up call that our activities today will have a profound impact on society, not only for us but for many generations to come. >> rising water levels are impacting miami beach. at another foot of water, but how much of south florida could flood. online map shows how increasing levels would impact the u.s. six feet and look at how the region changes. be on the would not water, it would be underwater.
5:58 pm
look at the changes predicted as the water rises. it is likely sometime before you will need to worry about needing flood insurance but certainly something people are aware of. as you may imagine, there are some in the community who do not totally buy the argument. some of them are questioning the science behind the study and are calling it alarmist. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. kris.nks, abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute at 6:00,s abc 7 news on your side. over legislation to prevent government agencies shutting down next week.
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>> president obama stressed once again he will not negotiate when it comes to funding health care reform. rebecca cooper it has the latest. >> the back-and-forth between republicans and democrats is causing a heart burn on wall street. stocks fell again today, making the overall weakened loser for investors who say they want washington to get it figured out. there is still no sign of an overall agreement. calling it political grandstanding, president obama took to the podium to once again attack republicans for shutting to -- threatening to shut down the government. >> they said this yesterday. it is not going to happen. those marketplaces will be open for business on tuesday. no matter what. even if there is a shut down. >> the senate did pass their version of the spending bill, without the house obamacare provision. >> the bill is passed. >> the senate bill keeps the


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